Tomato and Burrata Salad

Lioni Burrata

Tomato and Burrata Salad Sometimes the simplest ingredients make the most delicious dishes like this Tomato and Burrata Salad.  When you are only featuring a few ingredients they must be the very best that you can find and afford. This easy salad has only 4 ingredients: Ripe August tomatoes Thinly sliced red onion Burrata cheese […]

Salade de chèvre chaud au miel

goat cheese salad orig

This salad marries well with a fruity beaujolais, like a Broully or Fleurie, or a flinty white from the Loire like Sancerre or a Quincy. Makes 1 serving- simply multiply quantities by the number of people you’re serving.

Grilled Halloumi with Watermelon and Basil-Mint Oil


This was one of the best recipes we have made in a long time. The basil mint oil ties all the flavors together. We have been dreaming about this since we last made it! Optional: grill the watermelon slices, too, for an interesting contrast and serve over a bed of arugula.

Moroccan Couscous Salad

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This delicious salad is made easy with Dulcet Cuisine’s Tangy & Peppery Moroccan Sauce. Serve with holiday roasts, chicken or fish. Serves 4

Wild Rice & Chanterelle Salad with Fresh Chevre


Here’s a hearty salad that can be a satisfying vegetarian or gluten-free entrée or if you’d like toss in some shredded cooked chicken breast or duck confit. Sherry vinegar plays a key role in this vinaigrette as it is not as acidic as red wine vinegar and not overly sweet like balsamic. But, in a […]

Buffalo Mozzarella with peaches, figs and San Danielle Prosciutto

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This recipe is light in feel and taste – and it takes only a few minutes to prepare. Here it is pictured on an individual plate, but it is also lovely served on a large platter and placed on the middle of the table for all to share. It is important that the fruit is […]

Humboldt Fog® Classic Salad

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Humboldt Fog®, fresh sliced pears, toasted pecans, and a simple vinaigrette over mixed baby greens are a classic addition to any dinner.