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Hopyard Grilled Cheese with Nutmeg and Lemon

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This sandwich pairs nicely with fresh tomatoes if in season, or a salad of mixed greens with an orange vinaigrette and extra virgin olive oil. A pinot gris complements the sandwich without overwhelming the layers of flavor.

Makes 4 servings

Smoked Salmon & PsycheDillic Grilled Cheese


It is still National Grilled Cheese Month, and we’re so happy to find this recipe for a grilled cheese featuring Cypress Grove’s PsycheDillic! Apart from the optional mayonnaise, you can find all of the ingredients right here at Tastings, including a par-baked ciabatta lunga!

PsycheDillic Bagel Sandwich

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When first encountering a disc of PsycheDillic, with all it’s goat tang and dill flavors, you may wonder just what exactly you could do with it. One of the best ways is as a substitute for cream cheese on bagels! This recipe turns that idea into a full meal, perfect for any meal of the […]

Little Boy Blue- Grilled Blue Cheese Sandwich with Morbier, Pear, & Honey


Morbier- one of Stacey’s favorite cheeses, in fact!- is currently not allowed in the US due to it’s raw milk content. So we recommend Secret de Scey, which is basically the exact same thing as Morbier, but made with pasteurized milk. How appropriate to be featuring a recipe with one raw milk cheese (Asher Blue) […]

Anglo-French Toastie


Okay, so this is an English spin on the humbled grilled cheese and ham sandwich. They always have fun names for some of their foods; “bubble and squeak”, “baps”, and “toads” to name a few. All the same, this recipe was inspired by our wide range of cheeses and English Chef, Jamie Oliver. Serves 1

Sweet & Spicy Chicken Panini with Vintage Gouda

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This panini sandwich is all about the “agrodolci” or sweet and savory flavors. It has the perfect blend of sweet, savory, salty, crunchy all tied together on crispy toasted Italian bread. Bon Apetito! Yield: 4 sandwiches