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Mixed Milk Wonders

Mixed Milk Wonders - Tastings Gourmet Market

Why do cheesemakers use more than one kind of milk? Because it opens up a world of exciting new flavors and textures made possible only by mixing two or more kinds of milk.  Goat’s milk adds tang, cow’s milk adds fatty sweetness, and sheep’s milk contributes rich, nutty flavor.  The possibilities are endless.  Cheesemakers use their […]

A Total Meltdown

We're Melting - Tastings Gourmet Market

Not all cheeses are made for melting, but when you find one that turns into a flowy, soupy, creamy dream, you know you’ve discovered gold. Good melters maintain their excellent flavor while transforming into creamy deliciousness. Think fondue, burgers on the grill, potatoes gratin, exceptional macaroni and cheese . . . yum! For best results, […]

Ewenique Sheep’s Milk Cheese

Ewenique Cheeses - Tastings Gourmet Market

Our featured cheeses this week are truly “ewenique”— they’re all made with sheep’s milk. Because the milk is much higher in protein and healthy fats than cow’s milk or goat’s milk, sheep’s milk cheeses tend to be ultra-rich and creamy. Some of our most popular cheeses at Tastings are made from sheep’s milk, and we’re […]

Champagne and Cheese

Champagne & Cheese - Tastings Gourmet Market

Oooh La La! Champagne and Cheese! Just in time for New Year’s Eve, we’re stocked with cheeses that are begging to be paired with a bottle of Champagne. Champagne goes beautifully with buttery food, and here are three cheeses that fit that bill. Our three French cheeses below are both delightful and decadent. The buttery […]

Holiday Cheeseboards

Holiday Cheeseboards - Tastings Gourmet Market

Looking for something special and out of the ordinary for your holiday cheeseboard?  Here are three new cheeses that will please your family and friends.  From a blue cheese spiked with wine to a cheese rubbed with peppermint candy to a cheese made with espresso, you’ll find our cheeses this week to be both unusual […]

Truffles and Cheese

Truffles and cheese - Tastings Gourmet Market

At Tastings Gourmet Market this Saturday, we’ve got elegance combined with decadence: three ravishing truffled cheeses! Place one at the center of your cheeseboard and wow your family and guests. You’ll find these cheeses need no fancy pairings: the truffles alone are tasty enough! Il Truffelino Cheddar This delightful truffled cheese is perfect for your dinner party or […]

Holiday Delights

holiday delights - tastings gourmet market

Here are three great cheeses perfect for the holidays.  These holiday delights will please your family and friends. Mt. Tam Mt Tam is made with a combination of organic milk and cream from local, grass-fed cows, and is Cowgirl Creamery’s signature cheese. It is named after the Northern California landmark: Mt. Tamalpais. With its bloomy […]

A Holiday Taste of England

A holiday taste of England - Tastings Gourmet Market

With Thanksgiving behind us, can Christmas be far behind? As we enter the holiday season, we are wishing you and your family the happiest of holidays. Join us on Saturday for a trip to England at the holidays. From a beautiful persimmon-colored whiskey-laced Cheddar to a classic blue Stilton to a soft lemony Cheddar, we […]

Thanksgiving Cheeseboards

Thanksgiving Cheeseboards - Tastings Gourmet Market

At Tastings we’re busy creating sumptuous cheeseboards for Thanksgiving while counting our blessings. We have the best customers in the world, and we’re delighted to introduce you to new cheeses and other products to make your Thanksgiving special. We’re still taking Thanksgiving orders, but for those of you who want to create your own beautiful […]

Washed Rind Wonders

WASHED RIND - Tastings Gourmet Market

Here’s a cheese twist on the expression, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”:  Don’t judge a cheese solely by its aroma.  DO try cheeses that are aromatic (“stinky”)! The most aromatic cheeses are those that are washed rind cheeses, and they are among the most delicious. Washed rind cheeses are washed with brine or […]

Flavors of Fall

Come taste the flavors of fall - Tastings Gourmet Market

Flavors of Fall This week, we’re thinking about Thanksgiving. What’s new to put on our cheeseboards? What interesting flavors can we add?  How can we spice up our fall fare? We’ve found three seasonal cheeses that are perfect for this time of year. Whether you need something outside the ordinary for your Thanksgiving cheeseboard or […]

A Taste of Jasper Hill

A Taste of Jasper Hill - Tastings Gourmet Market

Vermont is Nirvana for cheese lovers, and there’s no producer more respected than Jasper Hill Farm. Located in the green hills of the Northern Kingdom, Jasper Hill makes a variety of excellent cheeses, and we’re so pleased to have three of its beauties for our tasting this Saturday. Jasper Hill Farm began in 2002 with […]