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It’s Fondue Season!

The weather is cold and a fondue or raclette party would be perfect!  Tastings Gourmet Market can get you started with a couple of great recipes:  Here’s one for Fondue Bourguignonne and another for Brie Fondue with Roasted Vegetables.  We even have a recipe for dessert fondue: Caramel Fondue.

Here are some basic Fon-Do’s and Fon-Don‘ts to make your gathering a success.


Do start with a great cheese. How about a nice Gruyere or Raclette, which are perfect for fondue?
Do add a little white wine and be sure to stir constantly and add cheese in batches. The acid in the wine will help keep your cheese from clumping.
Do prep your veggies and slice your meats in advance.


Dont overlook the need for plenty of napkins, plates, and fondue forks.
Dont forget to have a variety of fixings on hand. In addition to breads, try cornichons, a variety of meats, whatever you like! What doesn’t taste good with cheese on it???
Happy melting!

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