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Spook-tacular Cheeses

Spooktacular - blog

Just in time for Halloween, we’re featuring three spook-tacular cheeses. This Saturday, we have three ‘boo-tiful’ treats — no tricks! From creepy Mimolette to a Cinderella of a cheese, you will find a cheese to die for. All jokes aside, please join us for a frightfully good time this Saturday! The Night Walker Time for a great […]

The Best of Italy

The Best of Italy - Tastings Gourmet Market

Italy is known for its cheeses and its style of eating them.  Unlike French cheeses that are served before or after a meal, Italian cheeses are enjoyed throughout the meal.  Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you’ll find cheese on the Italian table.  An Italian table setting is not complete without a large hunk of cheese on a plate with […]

A Taste of Switzerland

Taste of Switzerland - Tastings Gourmet Market

What makes a cheese an Alpine cheese? Partly it’s where it’s from: cheeses made in the mountains of Switzerland, France, or Italy. America also has some excellent Alpine-style cheeses from Vermont. Alpine cheeses are made from the milk of animals that have grazed on rich grasses, herbs, and flowers in mountain meadows. Such cheeses are […]

Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites - Tastings Gourmet Market

This week (despite the unseasonable heat), we’re thinking about apples, the recent autumn equinox, mums, pumpkins, and leaves on the verge of turning bright yellow and orange. It’s the time of year to hear the crackle of leaves and to anticipate the crisp chill of evenings to come. Time for fall cheeses! Here are a […]

A Taste of Kaaslust

Kaaslust cheese email

This week, we’re pleased to offer you a taste of Kasslust cheeses. We rarely have a tasting devoted to a single cheesemaker, but Kaaslust is so unusual and incredible, we thought it deserved the special focus. Known for his unique organic cheeses, Jan Craens runs Kaaslust, a small cheese company in what was once a […]

Spread the Love

Spreading the Love - blog - Tastings Gourmet Market

Stop in Saturday for samples of some incredible spreadable cheeses. You’ll love the creaminess of fresh cheese spread on crackers, vegetables, or a baguette. Brie de Nangis Here’s a cheese we almost never got to try. Brie de Nangis ceased production during World War II and was not made for many years until it was […]

Washed-rind Wonders

washed rind wonders - Tastings Gourmet Market

Washed-rind cheeses have an allure only a cheese lover can explain. For the uninitiated, the smell can make you bolt for the door, but, like a shiny pearl in a barnacle-covered oyster shell, what lies inside is cheese nirvana. This is a classic case of the bark being worse than the bite and here’s your […]

Cheddar Palooza!

cheddar - tastings gourmet market

When you think of Cheddar, do you think of boring, tasteless cheese? Time to rethink. We’re sampling three amazing Cheddars that will rock your world. We’re calling it Cheddar Palooza! Fun Facts about Cheddar Betcha didn’t know… Cheddar was first made in the English village of Cheddar in Somerset. Countries all over the world produce […]

End-of-Summer Cheeses

End of Summer - Tastings Gourmet Market

Back-to-school is just around the corner, signaling the end of summer. But it’s not too late to enjoy the best summer cheeses and the gorgeous fruits and vegetables of the season. We’re sampling three delicious end-of-summer cheeses at perfect ripeness to enjoy right now. Alp Blossom It looks like a party for your mouth. This […]

Wisconsin Cheeses

On Wisconsin - Tastings Gourmet Market

Artisanal Cheeses from the Heartland Wisconsin produces more cheese — and more award-winning cheese — than any other state. There are dozens of artisan cheesemakers throughout Wisconsin, and many of them are descendants of the original “cheeseheads” who brought Cheddar-making techniques from England. We’re sampling three of Wisconsin’s best handmade, artisanal cheeses this week, and […]

Triple Crème, Triple Play

Triple creme triple play Tastings Gourmet Market

Triple Creme, Three times the fun!   Triple crèmes are the triple play of the cheese world. They are, quite simply, the “crème de la crème” of cheese. The exciting buttery taste of a triple crème cheese rivals the thrill of seeing the opposing team hit into a triple play. And, to mix our sports […]

A Taste of Italy

Say Formaggio! Tastings Gourmet Market

This week we’re smiling about three great Italian cheeses we’ll be sampling on Saturday — just three of the more than 600 kinds of delicious Italian cheese. About 50 of those have been awarded PDO (protected designation of origin) status. The Italians are serious about their cheese, and PDO status guarantees that the cheese is of […]