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Not all cheeses are made for melting, but when you find one that turns into a flowy, soupy, creamy dream, you know you’ve discovered gold. Good melters maintain their excellent flavor while transforming into creamy deliciousness. Think fondue, burgers on the grill, potatoes gratin, exceptional macaroni and cheese . . . yum! For best results, use low heat, and shred or grate the cheese first.

We’ve selected three fine melters for our tasting this Saturday . . . cheeses you’re guaranteed to melt over.

Come for a taste of three highly meltable and delicious cheeses. We’re melting…

Appenzeller Extra - Tastings Gourmet MarketAppenzeller Extra Aged

What distinguishes Appenzeller from other Swiss cheeses is the herb-infused brine it is washed in throughout the ripening process. The herb brine seeps into the cheese, giving it an incomparable spicy flavor.

Appenzeller Extra is aged longer than other Appenzellers and is washed in a more peppery brine, giving it an extra-zesty flavor. It is the rarest of Appenzellers: just 2.4 percent of Appenzellers are bestowed the Black Label of Appenzeller Extra Aged.

And what a melter it is! Spice up your mac and cheese, fondue, or dishes deserving a luscious coating of cheese on top. You can find a recipe for a spicy cheese spread here.

Origin: Switzerland (Appenzell region)
Milk: Raw cow
Rennet type: Traditional
Age: 6 months +
Rind: Washed
Look: Butter-colored paste with small pea-sized holes and a golden rind
Feel: Semi-hard
Smell: Mild
Taste: Spicy, complex, nutty
Tastes good with: Apples. It’s an excellent melter and can be used whenever you are cooking something that would be improved by the addition of cheese.
Pairs well with: Rich and spicy white wines: Gewürztraminer, Alsatian Pinot Gris. Or try it with a Pilsner.

The Lovely Klara - Tastings Gourmet MarketThe Lovely Klara

This tangy, full-flavored cheese is mild but aromatic and designed for cheese connoisseurs. Made by the same family business that created Der Scharfe Maxx, The Lovely Klara is smooth and flavorful. Klara will add extra heft to fondues and other cheesy dishes. The raw cow’s milk cheese, known as Die Zarte Klara in Switzerland, is both harmonic and full-bodied.

Origin: Switzerland (Hatswil)
Producer: Käserei-Studer
Milk: Raw cow
Rennet type: Traditional
Rind: Smear ripened
Age: 5 months +
Look: Smooth ivory paste with few or no holes
Feel: Firm
Smell: Aromatic
Taste: Mature, indulgent
Tastes good with: Cured meats, pickles
Pairs well with: Full-bodied red wine, minerally whites, Pinot Gris, cider, beer

Roasted Onion Raclette - Tastings Gourmet MarketRoasted Onion Raclette

Raclette comes from the French word racler, which means “to scrape.” Here’s a delicious raclette dressed up with the taste of roasted onions. The onions add a flavorful contrast to the creamy cheese, and the result is the perfect cheese for your raclette party. Imagine some of this creamy, onion goodness melted and scraped over a plate of fingerling potatoes, cornichon, or Proscuitto!

Raclette is produced from the milk of cows that graze in Alpine Meadows. The fresh grass of summer leads to delicious milk that is fatty and flavorful. Like many Swiss cheeses, this cheese is naturally lactose free.

Origin: Switzerland (Sarneraatal)
Producer: Seiler Käserei
Milk: Pasteurized cow
Rennet type: Traditional
Rind: Natural
Age: 60 days +
Look: Pale brown
Feel: Semi-hard
Smell: Sweet, onions
Taste: Very oniony + creamy cheese
Tastes good with: Melt it and pour over roasted potatoes, vegetables, or cured meats.
Pairs well with: Riesling, dry whites

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