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Smoking Goose Guanciale 8oz

Smoking Goose Guanciale is heavily spiced with bay leaves, garlic, juniper berries, sea salt, brown sugar and black peppercorns, these cured hog jowls bring a rich flavor and more dense texture than their belly-cut cousin, pancetta.

All Smoking Goose recipes begin on the farm. They carefully curate farm sources based on research, site visits, flavor, and personal relationships with farmers. THe base requirements for all Smoking Goose farm sources: Small Family Owned Farm, No factory Farms, No Gestation Pens,  Antibiotic Free, 100% Vegetarian Feed, No Growth Promotants, Humanely Slaughtered. Source codes printed in the bottom right corner of each smoking goose package.

Ingredients: pork jowl, bay leaves, juniper berries, garlic, black peppercorns


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