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is a classic AOC cheese from, as the name indicates, the high plains of Langres, in Champagne, France. It is aged for five weeks in humid caves where it is regularly washed in brine, but turned only once to encourage the formation of its distinctive concaved top. Beneath the soft, rippled, red-orange rind (colored with natural annato seed) is a straw-yellow interior; the outer paste is soft and smooth, and the core remains flaky until it’s at its peak maturity. It tastes similar to Epoisses, but is salty and spicy, with a strong aroma. And the top of the cheese is concave for a reason- tradition dictates cutting a small slit and pouring a little champagne over it so when you cut it, it infuses the slightly salty paste with delightful effervescence.

Origin: France
Milk: Pasteurized Cow   Rennet Type: Animal   Age: 5 weeks
Look: Rippled red-orange rind, straw-yellow paste
Feel: Crumbly, firm, smooth
Smell: Strong, pungent, smoky bacon aroma
Taste: Mild, salty, slightly spicy
Pairs well with: Champagne
Tastes good with: Fresh baguette or crackers, fresh fruit
Recipe: Langres with Sweet Roasted Almonds

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