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Tenuta Margherita Carnaroli Rice


In each mouthful of Tenuta Margherita’s risotto, you can taste more than one hundred years of history. In fact, Tenuta Margherita was founded in 1904 in a small farmhouse in the Piedmont region of northeastern Italy.  Starting as just “an idea and a few simple emotions,” year after year, Tenuta Margherita became synonymous with quality and trust for its customers. Their rice mill is located in Desana, near Vercelli, one of the oldest cities in northern Italy. It’s no surprise that Tenuta Margherita was founded here: Vercelli is a notorious hub for rice cultivation, due to the favorable climate conditions of the Po valley.

The rice maintains all of its organoleptic and nutritional properties thanks to Tenuta Margherita’s gentle stone milling process. With this method, the company guarantees an unparalleled cooking experience. The rice preserves its flavor while also maintaining separate and compact grains.

Guaranteed the creamiest risotto ever!


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