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Aneto Fish Broth

We’ve fallen in love with these amazing broths from Spain! 


The Catalonian curing experts and Serrano ham enthusiasts at Aneto have turned their talents to a different dish: soup! Their line of authentic, all-natural broths is made with fresh ingredients and simmered over low heat for three hours, ensuring a richness and flavor most other boxed broths can’t boast.  For Aneto Fish Broth they select the best fish and the freshest vegetables, then carefully wash the ingredients and cook them at low heat for more than 2 hours.  The way you’d make it at home if Aneto hadn’t already done it for you.


Most broths on the market are made from concentrates or powders – but not Aneto. Their choice is to select the highest quality meat, fish and vegetables, and simmer them over low heat for over 3 hours.  The resulting product is a satisfying broth to sip on a chilly day, or a cooking base perfect for soups, stews, risotto, or paella.


It’s not how can you use this fish stock – it’s how can’t you use it! Obviously the perfect base for a soup or stew,  like cioppino.



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