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For the perfect balance of salty and sweet, no cheese rivals cow’s milk Vintage 5 Year Gouda from Holland. Deep caramel in color, crunchy and flaky, yet meltingly smooth on the tongue, this cheese bursts with flavor.

Origin:  The Netherlands
Milk: Pasteurized Cow        Rennet Type:  Animal        Age:  5 years
Look: Gouda style, firm, deep orange paste, wax-rind
Feel: Firm,  with crunchy bits of enzymes
Smell: sweet, rich
Taste: salty and sweet with a hint of butterscotch
Pairs well with: red wine blends, cabernet sauvignon, beer
Tastes good with:  fresh or dried figs, crunchy whole grain mustard, meats

Recipe:  Sweet & Spicy Chicken Panini with Vintage Gouda

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