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Vermont Creamery Fresh Chevre Log

Simple, fresh, pure chevre. Made from milk collected by local farms in Vermont, it is allowed to naturally coagulate overnight and is then shaped into logs. Creamy, spreadable, versatile.

Origin:  Vermont
Milk:   Pasteurized Goat    Rennet Type:  N/A  Age:  2-3 weeks
Look:    4 ounce log, creamy white
Feel:   Creamy, spreadable, a little crumbly
Smell:  Fresh
Taste:  Mild goaty tang
Pairs well with:   Sauvignon Blanc, fresh fruity reds
Tastes good with:  Dried figs, honey, fruit and nut crisps, salami

Recipe: Beet, Arugula, & Goat Cheese Grilled Cheese


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