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The Red Witch is a Swiss cheese that was introduced to the US just a few years ago. It was created in Switzerland for Carnevale, a pre-Lent celebration in Switzerland that includes dressing up as demons, wizards and witches, not unlike our Halloween traditions! It is washed in brine as it ages and is also rubbed with paprika. With it’s deep red rind, along with a black and red label featuring the silhouette of a broomstick-riding witch, it’s very easy to see why it’s closely associated with Halloween. But this aromatic and extremely pleasant-tasting cheese is well deserving of year round attention. It is fabulous melted into macaroni and cheese.

2014 sofi Award Winner- Outstanding Cheese or Dairy Product

Origin:  Switzerland
Milk: Raw Cow        Rennet Type:   Animal       Age:  6-9 months
Look: Deep red rind, smooth, creamy colored paste with few holes
Feel: Creamy, dense
Smell: Aromatic, rich and nutty
Taste: Sweet and nutty, with peanut, hazelnut, and browned butter aromas
Pairs well with: Imperial stout or porter
Tastes good with:  Gratins, honey, dried fruits

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