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is an iconic washed rind cheese named for the caves of Val Taleggio in the northern Valsassina foothills. It is aged in caves for 1-2 months where it is washed in brine to form it’s disctinctive sticy, orange rind. It may also develop a layer of white and gray mold, all of which is edible and adds to it’s character.

Origin: Italy
Milk: Pasteurized Cow       Rennet: Animal      Age: 1-2 months
Look: Square shaped, 7-8 inches long & 2-3 inches high. The rind is usually orange with some white and gray molds, and a straw colored paste.
Feel: Moist, semi-soft, spreadable
Smell: Aromatic, pungent, strong
Taste: Fruity, mild, meaty, tangy
Pairs well with: Italian Nebbiolo, Barolo, Soave, and Chianti Reserve
Tastes good with: Spread on veggies or toasted bread. Try it with nuts, raisins, and spices to enhance and add flavors. It goes well with bruschetta, risotto, salads, and polenta.
Recipes: Mushroom Pappardelle with Taleggio
               Pear, Pancetta, and Quadrello di Bufala Pizza


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