Secret de Compostelle



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Secret De Compostelle is a raw sheep’s milk cheese from the Basque country in France. Aged for eight months, it has a natural rind and is firm inside. This cheese has a silky texture and is full of sweet and savory flavors that blend with notes of cream, nuts, mushrooms, and olives. Secret de Compostelle is definitely not as sharp or dry as other cheeses that come from the region. The aroma can be strong if you’re not used to it, but all of the flavors lie inside this smooth cheese. The cheesemakers named Secret de Compostelle after an old passage between the Spanish and French Basque regions where pilgrims moved freely trading recipes and information.

Origin:  France
Milk: Raw Sheep    Rennet Type: Animal    Age: 8 months
Look: pure white in cased in an orange-gray natural rind
Feel: Firm, semi-soft
Smell: Earthy, rich, strong
Taste: mild sweet and savory flavors, notes of cream, nuts, mushrooms, and olives
Pairs well with: full-bodied Cabernet or any nutty wine
Tastes good with:  dried fruits, crusty bread, honey

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