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Rogue Smokey Blue

Smokey Blue
is the world’s first smoked blue cheese! It is signature to the state of Oregon, as it gets it’s special smoky flavor from being gently cold-smoked over the shells of Oregon hazelnuts. This process gives the cheese an extra depth of rich flavor reminiscent of candied bacon.

1st Place Gold Medal Winner- 2015 American Cheese Society
2nd Place- 2013 American Cheese Society
1st Place- 2009 American Cheese Society
Outstanding Product Line Award- 2006 Sofi Awards
Outstanding New Product Award- 2005 Sofi Awards
1st Place- World Cheese Awards
Best American Cheese- 2004 World Cheese Awards

​Origin:  Oregon, US
Milk: Raw Cow
Rennet Type:   Vegetarian
Age:  Cave-aged minimum 6 months
Look:  Natural rind, slightly browned from smoking process. Cream colored paste with blue veins
Feel: Thick, buttery, cakey, dense, and firm
Smell: Milky, nutty, smoky
Taste: Caramel, earthy, savory, sharp, sweet
Pairs well with: Big reds like Cabernet Franc or Zinfandel, or whites with depth and sweetness like Sauternes. For a more adventurous pairing try an American Whiskey or Bourbon.
Tastes good with:  Use to elevate simpler foods like burgers or deviled eggs to new heights. Serve on a cheese board with nut brittle and roasted or preserved fall fruits.


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