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Queso de Mezcla
also known as Tres Leches, which refers to the three types of milk that make up this smooth and nutty Spanish cheese: cow, sheep, and goat. It is reminiscent of cheese from the Basque region, like Ossau Iraty, but has a much nuttier flavor. It is cured in olive oil during the aging process, and has plenty of potent flavor but not strong enough to offend a palate that prefers lighter styled cheeses.

Origin:  Rioja, Spain
Milk: Pasteurized Cow, Sheep, and Goat   Rennet Type:  Animal   Age:  6-9 months
Look: Grayish rind, ivory paste
Feel: Semi-hard
Smell: Mild
Taste: Savory, creamy, nutty, with a streak of milky acidity running through the mid palate
Pairs well with: Red wines; we recommend Great Frogs Winery’s 2013 Vintners Red
Tastes good with:  Marcona Almonds, Quince Paste, Dried Figs, Honey, Charcuterie

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