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Pico Picandine 3.5oz

is a delightful miniature round of goat cheese, barely protected by the very thin Geotrichum rind, which arrives in it’s own convenient wooden box. Pico comes from Perigord, home of French truffles and a few remarkable goat cheese producers (the Loire Valley being the typical source of all things chevre). It is often compared to Camembert, but this cheese stands out on it’s own; sold young, it develops even more as it ages, changing into a more complex and pungent cheese.

​Origin: Perigord, France
Milk: Pasteurized Goat  Age:  Young
Look: Miniature rounds with a thin and slightly wrinkly bloomy rind, and a light golden colored paste
Feel: Soft, elastic, creamy texture, soft and oozing layer just below rind with a more dense, moist, and chalky center
Smell: Aromatic, milky, with barnyard notes
Taste: Assertive, lactic, tangy, grassy, slightly salty, sweet, buttery, mushroomy, notes of hazelnut
Pairs well with: Sancerre, or a fruity, yeasty Champagne
Tastes good with: Serve on a cheeseboard with grapes and pears


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