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Parra Jimenez Organic Black Garlic

Parra Jimenez Organic Black Garlic is aged through a natural maturation process. Temperature and humidity levels are strictly controlled and no additives nor conservatives are used. This garlic is deliciously sweet, with slight hints of spice and licorice.

During this transformational process, the health benefits of garlic are boosted. It helps keep your auto-immune system strong and improves cardiovascular health. It is also a great antiseptic, helps reduce blood pressure, aids digestion, and is a diuretic. Black garlic also contains essential amino acids.

• Black Garlic is the ultimate flavor-enhancer in any recipe
• Adding a couple of diced or crushed cloves improve even your best creations, both sweet and savory
• Contains 2X the antioxidants of fresh garlic
• Produces no garlic breath or garlic odor


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