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Papillon Roquefort Black Label

Papillon Black Label Roquefort is from France’s Auvergne region and has its name and methods protected since 1411!

Papillon (meaning butterfly in French) has been making authentic Roquefort at their dairy since 1906 and wraps their top-of-the-line product in black foil to distinguish it from lesser brands.  Aged for over 4 months in the natural Combalou Caves, this exceptional Papillon Roquefort is distinguished first and foremost by its white curd and the intense blue veins which generously marbles its wide and numerous cavities.

Fudgy, milky, sharp, and sweet, it’s no wonder Roquefort was reported to be a favorite of Emperor Charlemagne and is often referred to as “the cheese of kings!”


Origin:  France
Milk: Organic Raw Sheep  Age: 2-4 months  Rennet Type: Animal
Look: Natural rind, white paste with generous streaks of intense blue veins
Feel: Creamy, crumbly, fudgy, rich, slightly granulated
Smell: Strong
Taste: Balanced and fairly salty, sharp, tangy, sweet, with a peppery and sometimes even slightly spicy finish
Pairs well with: Sauternes
Tastes good with: Serve with speck and Les Folies Fromages Quince Apple Fruit Spread. One of the best blues to use in salads and dressings. Melts well.


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