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Orata Fillets in Water

Dorade—known by many names: orata in Italy, daurade in France and sea bream in the United States—is a white fish treasured for its flaky, tender texture and light, clean flavor of the sea. 

Start with sustainably-farmed dorade. The fish is gently steamed, and then hand-packed in cans with water, salt and a touch of lemon. This recipe reflects the tradition of restaurants along the Amalfi coast which serve the fillets simply with salads, sliced tomatoes, potatoes, and a generous drizzle of flavorful Italian extra virgin olive oil.

How to use

Our Mediterranean Dorade is stunning straight out of the tin. It elevates any salad you put it on (try substituting it for tuna in a classic Niçoise salad). Or use to make an easy yet elegant appetizer: Gently flake the fish, toss with extra virgin olive oil and season with Sea Salt. Serve on top of crostini alongside glasses of crisp white wine like Verdicchio or Vinho Verde.


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