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Moser Chardonnay

With a name like Chardonnay, you know this is going to be good!  Similar to a baby Camembert, Moser Chardonnay is made from organic milk, and then washed overnight in organic French Chardonnay wine.  The wine helps the cheese develop a thin, felt-like rind of white mold, which can be eaten along with the center paste of the cheese. You’ll find it rich and creamy, with a slight sharpness in the finish.

The maker, Ueli Moser, was inspired to create Moser Chardonnay by his love for soft French cheeses.

Origin:  Dotzigen, Switzerland

Producer:  Ueli Moser, BonCas AG

Milk:  Pasteurized cow

Rennet Type:  Animal

Age:  Two weeks; shelf life of 30 days

Look:  Small round cheese. Soft with scattered holes. Rind has a white mold with a slightly yellowish smear.

Feel:  Soft and creamy, with a crunch from the white mold rind

Smell:  Faint smell of wine

Taste:  Rich mouthfeel, milk and cream, with a hint of white wine and a slight sharpness at the end

Pairs well with:  Chardonnay, Champagne

Tastes good with:  Dried fruit, Serrano ham.  Enjoy this recipe of dates stuffed with Moser Chardonnay and wrapped in Serrano ham.


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