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Mimolette (mee-mo-let)
has an old, craggy look to it, with a very deep, pumpkin-orange paste inside, making it visually stunning on a Halloween cheese plate. But it’s what you don’t see that makes it perfectly creepy! The French have special cheese-making partners that give Mimolette it’s appearance and floral aroma: tiny mites that are introduced during the aging process! They feed on the fine coat of mold that forms on the cheeses initial six weeks in curing chambers, giving the cheese it’s final look. These tiny affineurs are brushed off before Mimolette is shipped out, but you just may catch yourself looking twice before you take a bite.

Origin:  France
Milk: Pasteurized Cow    Rennet Type:  Animal  Age:  12 months
Look: Natural, rough, hard, pitted grayish rind, with a deep pumpkin-orange paste
Feel: Semi-hard, similar to an aged Gouda, but slightly smoother
Smell: Fruity, floral
Taste: Buttery, nutty, sweet, caramel, smooth & fudgy finish
Pairs well with: Calvados, strong-flavored beers, Merlot
Tastes good with:  Enjoy on a cheese plate with sliced apples. It is also good in different dishes- shave on top of salads, grate into omelettes, add to your favorite Macaroni & Cheese recipe.

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