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Mieli Thun Assorted Honey Gift Tube

Mieli Thun honey is the best honey we have tasted to date, and it is essential for the cheese and charcuterie board.  This assortment is the perfect gift for the honey lover!

The 5 honeys included in this sampler are: Italian Sunflower Honey, Italian Acacia Honey, Italian Orange Blossom Honey, Italian Forest Honey, and Italian Thistle Honey.

Mieli Thun mono-floral honeys are a result of nomadic beekeeping, which means they move the hives all over Italy to get exclusively Italian honeys, and every year they move to at least 60 different locations. Andrea Paternoster inherits from his grandfather his first and last name and his infinite love for the noble art of beekeeping.  His enthusiasm and passion to make honey a recognized and appreciated food has created a beautiful product for use in every kind of culinary preparation.


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