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Meredith Dairy Feta Jar 320g

Meredith Dairy Marinated Feta is made in Victoria, Australia on a family-run dairy that has become the country’s largest producer of sheep and goat milk. It is made with a blend of fresh, pasteurized sheep and goats’ milk, and packed with extra-virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, herbs, and peppercorns, and it’s texture is creamy and it has a gentler, less salty flavor compared to Greek feta.

Origin: Victoria, Australia
Milk: Pasteurized Goat and Sheep   Age: Young   Rennet: Vegetarian
Look: Creamy white paste
Feel: Semi-soft, creamy, spreadable
Aroma: Fresh, slightly tangy
Taste: Creamy, rich, tangy, infused with the garlic, herbs, and peppercorns
Pairs well with: Chardonnay, crisp, dry white wines
Tastes good with: Spread on bread or crackers, use in salads, omelets, quiche, and on pizzas and flatbreads, burgers, or pasta


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