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Menu Pomodorino Sauce

Pomodorina Sauce has been Menu’s top-selling product for 50 years. This famous sauce is produced in Italy only once a year during the peak of the tomato season in August. This fresh-harvest Pomodorina is unique from the American style “Marinaras,” which uses common processing methods.

Pomodorina is handcrafted and cooked in small batch kettles, with only the highest quality fresh vegetables and fresh herbs, added at just the right time, by hand. Menu’s Pomodorina is a true, Italian Salsa Pomodorina, made with celery, carrots and onions, fresh basil, and only non-GMO tomatoes. Its rich color and ripe tomato aroma look and taste like it came fresh from your garden.

You can use it alone for the freshest tomato sauce or add to just about any soup or stew.


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