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Melkbus Truffle Gouda

Melkbus Truffle Gouda is oh-so-creamy and dotted with bits of real black truffles.  Melkbus Truffle Gouda starts as a traditional Raw Milk Farmer Cheese, but just before the pressing and shaping of the cheese, shavings of real Italian black truffles are generously sprinkled throughout the curd. The cheese itself is actually quite mild, allowing the truffle flavor to really shine. Not only does it look beautiful on a cheese plate, but it also shreds and melts easily, so it’s very easy to add to recipes. How decadent would a truffled omelet or truffled mac and cheese or risotto be?

Origin:  Holland
Milk: Raw cow   Rennet Type:  Animal   Age:  3 months
Look: Yellow wax mantle, pale, creamy yellow paste sprinkled with small holes and specks of black truffle
Feel: Smooth, semi-firm
Smell: Mild, earthy
Taste: Mild, creamy, earthy, umami, notes of walnut
Pairs well with: Medium-bodied wine with some tannins, like Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon
Tastes good with: Nuts, apples

Recipe: Melkbus Truffle Slaw with Green Apples


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