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Melkbus 39 Lavender Gouda
is oh-so-creamy and dotted with bits of real lavender! The name Melkbus translates to Milk Can in Dutch and each of their cheeses are made on individual family farms outside the town of Gouda. You can’t get much more authentic than that! Melkbus honors the historical tradition of stamping numbers specific to each farm on the cans of milk that were taken to the creamery by using the farms numbers in the names of their cheeses.

This refreshing cheese is produced on a typical Dutch farm known as Het Groene Hart of “The Green Heart” of Holland. Melkbus 39 Lavender starts out as a traditional “Boerenkaas” or Raw Milk Farmer Cheese that is infused with fragrant French lavender blooms, rosemary, and thyme just prior to pressing and shaping. After 10 weeks of aging, the lavender’s slightly sweet flair gives this indulgent and creamy cheese just the right balance of floral essence while subduing you into a dreamy state with its herbal garden aroma.

Origin: Holland
Milk: Raw Cow       Rennet: Animal      Age: 10 weeks
Look: Yellow wax mantle, pale yellow paste dotted with small holes and specks of lavender and herbs
Feel: smooth, semi-firm
Smell: Mild, fresh, floral, herbal
Taste: Mild, creamy, floral, herbal
Pairs well with: Light reds
Tastes good with: Chocolate, honey, prosciutto, dried cranberries

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