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Le Roule Herb
Layered with an abundance of fresh herbs and minced garlic, this modern French cheese log is soft, fresh and spreadable: perfect for any occasion. Made from sweet cow’s milk, the mellow, garden-themed combination is a praise-worthy treat to be had. A jelly roll swirl of green and white, Le Roule with Garlic & Herb cheese is superb for appetizers and makes for an elegant addition to party offerings.

Origin: France
Milk: Pasteurized Cow        Rennet Type:   N/A      Age: Young
Look: Natural rind covered in green herbs, creamy white paste
Feel: Creamy, smooth, spreadable
Smell: Rich
Taste: Tangy, savory
Pairs well with: Hefeweizen, White Bordeaux, Wheat Beer, Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Ale
Tastes good with:  A great addition to a cheese platter. Try it crumbled on salads or pizza, melt in mashed potatoes or risotto.

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