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La Tur
is from the great wine region of Piedmonte in Northern Italy. La Tur is like a creamy, fluffy cheese cupcake!

Origin: Piedmonte, Italy
Milk: Pasteurized Goat, Cow and Sheep        Rennet Type:   Animal     Age: 1 month
Look: Small rounds shipped in cupcake holders, paper-thin rind, straw colored interior
Feel: Interior is a velvety, fluffy paste with a runny, creamy texture towards the rind
Smell: Sweet, pungent
Taste: Nutty, sweet, rich with a lactic tang
Pairs well with: Asti Spumanti, wines with floral or honey notes
Tastes good with:  A delicate, mild honey

Recipes: La Tur Macaroni and Cheese
Warm La Tur with Chocolate and Charred Bread

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