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Ivy’s Vintage Cheddar is a Tastings favorite, and one taste will tell you why. It has won numerous awards for its rich flavor and tangy sweetness, followed by a lasting mellowness. Its unique taste comes from the fresh milk collected from cows that freely gaze the lush, green pastures in Somerset, England.

Just like a fine wine, a good cheddar takes some aging, and Ivy’s is aged no fewer than 15 months. The aging process creates some little bits of crystals throughout the body of the cheese, giving it a delightful bit of crunch while maintaining its super creamy texture overall.

Ivy’s Cheddar has a place on any cheese board and can be used in casseroles or melted into a dip. A versatile cheese, it goes well with a variety of accompaniments such as fresh apple, green grapes, celery, oatcakes, and honey.
Origin: Somerset, England
Producer: Wyke Farms
Milk: Pasteurized cow
Rennet Type: Animal
Age: 15-18 months
Look: Yellow, easily crumbles; super creamy
Feel: Smooth with a little crunch
Smell: Sweet, nutty
Taste: Tangy with a lasting mellowness; sweet, nutty, rounded flavor with a gentle crunch
Pairs well with: A crisp Pale Ale; Cabernet Sauvignon; an oaky Chardonnay
Tastes good with: Strawberries, grapes, fresh apple, nuts, oatcakes

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