Ines Rosales Rosemary Thyme Tortas



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Ines Rosales Sweet Olive Tortas, are handmade in a small village near Seville Spain. Using the same recipe since 1910 local women flatten the tortas by hand, and hand-wrap the tortas that are baked in small batches.

Not really a cookie, and not a cracker, Ines Rosales Tortas are one of those multi-category food items that are hard to describe and don’t ever sound quite as good as they actually are.  They are like a flaky pie crust made with olive oil, sprinkled with sugar, sesame seeds, and anise seeds, and baked. Thin and crispy, delicate, and sweet. Made without preservatives, ingredients are unbleached wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, sugar, baking powder, sesame seeds, anise seeds, salt, and natural anise essence.

They are perfect with coffee, tea, and wine….try them with fresh fruits, nuts, candied orange peels, and cheese. The Rosemary & Thyme tortas are crisp and savory.

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