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Il Truffleino


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Il Truffelino comes to us from Somerdale, a leading exporter of some of the best and most unique English cheeses available. Il Truffelino is beautiful, with a thick black wax mantle and pale yellow interior dotted with bits of real black summer truffles; but this cheese isn’t just a looker, it’s decadently delicious, too! It combines the creamy texture of a classic English cheddar with the complex flavor of the truffles. This rich flavorful cheese adds a meaty, earthy element to any cheese plate, and would be equally as good on an out-of-this-world grilled cheese, or melted on top of a burger!

Origin:  England
Milk: Pasteurized cow          Rennet Type:  Vegetarian              Age:  2-3 months
Look:  Black wax rind with pale yellow paste dotted with black truffles
Feel: Semi-soft texture, gets even softer and creamier after coming to room temperature
Smell: Earthy, mild
Taste: Creamy cheddar with decadent, medium-strength truffle flavor
Pairs well with: Pinot Noir, sparkling wines
Tastes good with:  Mild crackers, baguettes, charcuterie, dried fruits

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