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is one of the most visually interesting cheeses we’ve seen, and it packs a flavor punch, too! Hand-finished Huntsman is a concoction of two classic cheeses produced in the English countryside: two layers of Double Gloucester, a firm, mellow, and tangy cheese made only from the milk of Gloucester cows in southwestern England, and a center ring of Stilton Blue cheese, a blue-veined, strong, smooth, and creamy cheese with a distinctive flavor profile.

Country: UK
Milk: Pasteurized Cow    Rennet: Vegetarian   Age: Double Gloucester is aged 36 months, Stilton is aged 3 months
Look: Golden orange exterior of Double Gloucester cheese- slice to see the center ring of creamy ivory Stilton with blue veins
Feel: Semi-hard, creamy, crumbly, dense, smooth
Smell: Strong and sweet
Taste: Mild, nutty, spicy, strong, tangy
Pairs well with: The combination of these two cheeses goes well with ales and beers
Tastes good with: Melt on a burger or steak. Serve as part of a traditional Ploughman’s lunch: slices of Huntsman, pickles, potato chips, sliced apple, sliced celery, pickled onion, sliced tomato, and crusty bread. Visually stunning on a cheese plate.

Recipe: Huntsman on Toast

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