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Hooks Triple Play Extra Innings Cheddar

Hooks Triple Play Extra Innings is a fantastic blend of three types of milk – cow, sheep, and goat.  Flavor notes that come through – Baby Swiss, Havarti and Gouda. Aged over a year.  At this point the Gouda flavor has become more prevalent and crystals have started to form.

Origin:  Wisconsin- Hooks Creamery
Milk: Sheep,Cow,Goat    Rennet Type: Vegetarian    Age: 1 year
Look: block, off white
Feel: Firm,
Smell: Tangy, Buttery
Taste: mild sweet and savory flavors, tangy,
Pairs well with: Cabernet Sauvignon
Tastes good with:  dried fruits, crackers, fig jam, melts beautifully in dishes.


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