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Holey Cow

Holey Cow  
is a hand-crafted artisan whole milk cheese made by Central Coast Creamery in Paso Robles, California. Reminiscent of Emmantal, it has a smooth, creamy texture, and a crisp, buttery finish!

2nd Place- 2016 American Cheese Society
Best of Class- 2014 World Cheese Championship
Finalist- 2013 Good Food Awards
3rd Place- 2012 American Cheese Society

Milk: Pasteurized Cow       Rennet Type:   Vegetarian       Age: 2 months
Look: Natural pale yellow rind, pale yellow paste with dime-sized eyes
Feel: Semi-firm
Smell: Buttery, rich
Taste: Buttery, creamy, sweet
Pairs well with: Brown ale or a Belgian dubbel
Tastes good with: Thinly shave it for sandwiches, use as a melting cheese, or serve on a cheeseboard with nuts and apples.


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