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Gerome Munster 7oz

Gerome Munster
is one of the most beloved washed-rind cheeses in the world, but it may also be one that causes the most confusion: it is definitely not the slicing American Munster that often appears in deli sandwiches! It was originally in two different regions on opposite sides of the Vosges mountains: in Alsace, the cheese was known as Munster, while in Lorraine it was called Gerome. The names were combined in 1978 when the cheese was awarded AOC status. As part of the requirements of the AOC certification, it must be the Vosgiennes breed of cows that are milked for these little puck-shaped cheeses. The rinds are rubbed with a light brine every few days while they ripen in very humid caves for 2-3 months, making the rind pinkish-orange, sticky, and very aromatic. Munster’s supple paste is not as strong as it’s smell: it tastes of rich milk with a gentle, beefy pungency and delicate floral notes.

Origin:  France
Milk: Raw Cow    Rennet Type:  Animal  Age:  2-3 months
Look: Pinkish-orange washed rind, pale, straw-colored paste
Feel: Sticky rind, creamy, smooth, & fudgy paste
Smell: Stinky, strong
Taste: Savory, beefy, tangy, delicate floral notes
Pairs well with: Gewurztraminer, gin, full-bodied reds, or a very dry Riesling
Tastes good with:  Munster is often served with sweet fruits or the salad course of a meal. When it is very ripe, spoon some onto rye bread.

Price is for a 7 ounce wheel


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