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Fromage de Meaux

Fromage de Meaux
is made in the Brie region of France; so if you’ve ever wanted to know what “real” Brie tastes like, what the French think of when they think of Brie, this is the closest you will get without violating the FDA’s legislation! Rich and luxurious, and not too buttery or salty, this is one of the finest examples of expert cheesemaking.

​Origin: France
Milk: Pasteurized Cow  Age: Minimum 60 days  Rennet: Animal
Look: Thin, bloomy white rind with some brownish spots, slightly golden, straw colored paste
Feel: Creamy, smooth, slightly runny beneath the rind
Smell: Aromatic, slight notes of mold and mushrooms
Taste: Rich, buttery, sweet, mushroomy, grassy, slightly eggy flavor
Pairs well with: Champagne, red Bordeaux, or Bourgogne (Burgundy)
Tastes good with: Juicy fruits like grapes and pears, dark chocolate and nuts, honey or sweet preserves, ham and other charcuterie


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