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Raclette (rah-klet) is the world’s most famous melting cheese and is made in both the Swiss and French sides of the Alps. The French Raclette is slightly softer than the Swiss, and has a smooth and creamy flavor. Raclette takes its name from the French verb racler, meaning “to scrape.” Traditionally, Alpine cheesemakers would have a lunch of boiled potatoes and cornichons topped with the melted cheese, scraped from a nearby fire-heated boulder! Pay homage to this old tradition and melt the cheese atop your favorite root vegetables.

Origin:  French Alps
Milk: Raw Cow    Rennet: Animal    Age: 5-6 months
Look: Thin, brownish-orange colored rind and a pale yellow paste with a few scattered open holes
Feel: Creamy, firm, open, smooth
Smell: Pleasant fruity aroma
Taste: Acidic, milky, nutty, sweet
Pairs well with: Alsatian whites, merlot, lager
Tastes good with: Use in fondue; melt atop roasted root vegetables; scrape onto plates of small potatoes, cornichons, pickled onions, and charcuterie. If eating as a table cheese, serve alongside charcuterie, dried fruits and nuts, and quince paste.
Recipe: Flatbread with Saint Nectaire and Raclette

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