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Firefly Farms Merry Goat Round

Firefly Farms Merry Goat Round is one of our best-selling retail cheese for good reason. Actually, quite a few reasons. The super creamy texture. The oh-so-clean flavor. And that rind? It’s soft and bloomy and is edible at any stage of ripening. (Little secret: the fullest flavor is concentrated in the rind. You’re welcome.)

To produce Merry Goat Round, fresh goat milk is first pasteurized and cooled to the perfect temperature for bacteria to do their best work. Since goat milk reacts differently to fungi, we fortify ours with Penicillium Candidum (a.k.a. “The secret sauce”).

Vegetable rennet is added, coagulating the milk and creating a stronger curd mass bond, faster, which is then sliced into large sections, drained of whey, stirred, then drained again. From there, it’s scooped into molds, brined, and aged.

Pair with:  Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc along with sliced apple and a baguette or Serve sliced on a cheeseboard with a drizzle of honey or jam, dried fruits and candied nuts.


Origin:  USA


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