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Firefly Farms Bloomy Breeze

Firefly Farms Bloomy Breeze is a perfect blend of fresh milk from Jersey and Holstein cows makes for a rich, luscious, soft-ripened favorite. Aged carefully for three weeks, then wrapped for soft-ripening over the course of the next few weeks — from the rind inward! Its edible rind is velvety white and bloomy. Hence the name. And the widespread adoration.

Taste: Lactic, dense and buttery with sweet and milky notes

Mouthfeel: Creamy, smooth and rich.

Flavor:  Mild and approachable

Pair with Chardonnay or late-harvest Riesling and a baguette.

Serve on a cheeseboard with candied nuts, dried fruit or pepper jelly and charcuterie.

The freshest cow’s milk is first pasteurized and cooled to the perfect temperature for bacteria to do their best work. The milk is then fortified with Penicillium Candidum. Vegetarian rennet is added, coagulating the milk and creating a stronger curd mass bond, faster, which is then cut into cubes, stirred, drained of whey, stirred again, then drained again. From there, it’s scooped into molds, brined, and aged. During this time, you’ll find our makers regularly flipping the cheese (yes, by hand) to ensure even moisture and rind development. The result is a rich, buttery flavor and texture that would make France’s Saint Andre proud.


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