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Fine English Water Crackers

Fine English Water Crackers are ultra-crisp, nutty crackers that are the perfect base for any cheese and accouterment.  We also enjoy them with a bowl of soup or topped with a smoked fish spread.

Did you know the American term “cracker” originates from these crackers?

In 1801, Josiah Bent of Massachusetts began baking and selling crackers made simply with flour and water that wouldn’t deteriorate during long sea voyages. During baking, a cracking sound occurred and it is from this that the American term “cracker” originated!

As tradition dictates, Fine English Water Crackers contain 100% English flour and water and bake by toasting under flames for just 1 minute. The result is a cracker that is ultra-crisp, with a dark, “nutty” taste.

Origin: UK

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