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Mitica Spanish Date and Walnut Cake

Mitica Spanish Date and Walnut Cake is a classic Spanish treat and is Spain’s flavorful version of a fruitcake.

This delicacy comes from Valencia, Sapin, where the Valles brothers make each cake by hand, using fresh fruit and lots of elbow grease to press each cake. The four brothers use Deglet Noor dates, famously known as “the queen of dates”, a soft, translucent date with a honey and caramel flavor. The dates are pressed with meaty walnuts, for a treat that’s chewy, just a little bit crunchy when you encounter a walnut and the perfect balance of sweet and savory.

Combining the exotic flavors of an African oasis with the richness of Spanish recipes, serve this “torta” with a cheese plate featuring Spanish cheeses, as dessert, or as a flavorful, energy-rich, all-natural snack.

Ingredients: dates and walnuts.  No preservatives.
Storage: room temperature


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