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What makes Colston Bassett Stilton unique is that it is one of few remaining hand-ladled Stiltons, which produces an intensely rich and creamy cheese. It is a well-balanced blue with a sweet buttery flavor.
The term ”Royal Blue” must have come from the creation of Stilton. Invented by Elizabeth Scarbrow and first served in 1720 at the Bell Inn in Stilton, England, fame was not far behind. These rustic farmstead cylinders are made by Colston Basset Dairy, for Neal’s Yard Dairy.
Origin: Nottinghamshire, England
Producer: Colston Bassett
Milk: Pasteurized cow
Rennet Type: Animal
Age: 12-18 weeks
Look: Firm. The wrinkled rind is orange-brown in color, speckled with white patches. The interior is straw-colored (it darkens toward the rind) with blue veins emanating from the center.
Feel: Buttery texture, fudgey, crumbly
Smell: Earthy, musty
Taste: Sweet and buttery; clean, mineral tang. The distinct taste of penicillium roqueforti doesn’t overpower flavors of lush, grassy milk. When young, it tends to be slightly tangy, but this disappears as the cheese matures.
Pairs well with: Fresh pears, baguette, fig jam
Tastes good with: Tawny Port

Blue Stilton Soup

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