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Collier’s Cheddar is made, matured, and packed in Denbighshire and was developed from the mining traditions of South Wales.  In Wales, the coal miners were called “Colliers”; a sturdy group of men who worked the mines in semi-darkness and hard conditions.  This cheese is crumbly, nutty, slightly sweet and toasty. It melts in your mouth and lingers for a long, satisfying finish. It’s robust enough to get you through a long shift in the coal mines… or the cheese mines…

Origin:  Wales
Milk:   Pasteurized Cow    Rennet Type:   Animal    Age: Up to 20 months
Look:  Smooth ivory paste
Feel:   Smooth, cheddar-like texture with calcium lactate crunchy crystals
Smell: Buttery
Taste:  Buttery, nutty, slightly tangy but still sweet
Pairs well with:  Light red wines, beer
Tastes good with:  Fresh fruit, oatcakes, nuts
Recipe: Warm Beer and Cheddar Dip

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