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Colle Del Giachi Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP 500ml

Colle del Giachi Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from olives typically found high in the Chianti hills of Tuscany.  In the balance between flavor and delicacy, this oil represents the best of the Giachi production and carries the D.O.P. label (protected denomination of origin).

It has a decisive, embracing aroma with elegant tones of artichoke, lettuce and strong herbal whiffs of mint, rosemary and a distinctly almond finish. Bitter, strong and piquant.

Suggested use: Bruschetta with tomatoes,  lentils, tuna salad, white meat marinades, grilled radicchio, minestrone,  grilled swordfish, roast game, grilled red meat, aged hard cheeses.

Origin:  Italy


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