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is a mild, creamy, semi-soft wheel made by the Grubb family, from the milk of their own herd of 110 Fresian cows.  Cashel Blue is produced in a similar way to Roquefort, although it is softer, more moist, and less salty.  The ivory-colored paste is laced with powdery blue veins and the caramel and cedar flavors combine to create a heady flavor experience.

Origin:  Ireland
Milk: P. Cow          Rennet Type:   Vegetable               Age:  3—6 months
Look:  Ivory-colored paste is laced with powdery blue veins
Feel: Soft, creamy, almost spreadable.
Smell: Mildly pungent
Taste: Mouth watering tanginess, established blue character
Pairs well with: Chardonnay, Strong Beers
Tastes good with:  Serve with fresh pears, spread on an Effie’s oat cake and drizzle with honey.  Perfect teatime snack

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