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Cambozola Grand Noir
is a creamy, melt in your mouth blue from Bavaria, Germany. What makes this blue as exceptional as it is, is the unique waxy black mantle: each wheel is dipped by hand in black wax to protect the cheese as it ripens! This covering allows it develop a silky and creamy texture, unique among blue cheeses.

Origin:  Bavaria, Germany   Producer:  Kaserei Champignon
Milk: Pasteurized Cow     Rennet Type:   Vegetarian       Age: 2 months
Look: Waxy black mantle, pale yellow paste with blue-green veins
Feel: Creamy, rich
Smell: Aromatic
Taste: Sharp, sweet, mildy spicy
Pairs well with: Auslese Riesling or Dopplebock beers
Tastes good with:  Dried fruits and nuts, figs, pomegranate, honey

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