Cambozola Black Label Blue Cheese



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Cambozola Black Label comes to us from Bavaria, Germany. It is a premium, award-winning variation of Kaserei Champignon’s Cambozola line of blues. You haven’t experienced the best in decadent, creamy blue until you’ve tried this cheese. It goes through a longer ripening time in special cold cellars becoming a triple-cream, soft ripened masterpiece. The cheese has a unique natural gray mold on the outside and a subtle and exquisite blue veining on the inside, and is a cheese both blue fans and novices will love.

Origin:  Bavaria, Germany   Producer:  Kaserei Champignon
Milk: Pasteurized Cow     Rennet Type:   Vegetarian       Age: 2 months
Look: Bloomy gray rind, ivory paste with subtle blue veining
Feel: Creamy, rich, brie-like texture
Smell: Strong
Taste: Nutty, savory, sharp, sweet, creamy
Pairs well with: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Porters and Stouts
Tastes good with:  Honeydew, dried cranberries, honeys (try warmed truffle honey!), balsamic reductions, charcuterie

Recipe: Polenta with Mushrooms and Cambozola Black Label

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