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Buttermilk Blue

This award-winning, creamy blue cheese is made in Wisconsin from mostly Jersey cow’s milk. It’s homogenized, inoculated with a secret blend of cultures, hooped by hand, pierced, salted and cured for over two months. Its rich, buttermilk flavor makes this a great cheese for salads or for snacking. A truly exceptional blue!

The tangyness of Buttermilk Blue presents a challenge for most red wines. However, a Sauternes-type dessert wine or a high-alcohol beer such as Chimay Blue could work well.

  • Gluten-Free
  • Made from raw cow’s milk.

The Roth family cheesemaking venture began in 1863 in Uster, Switzerland, then a small town just outside Zurich. By the end of the century a decision was made to bring the family’s knowledge and appreciation of European cheeses to America. By the early 1900’s, Otto Roth, son of the founder, had established a successful business that soon became one of the largest importers of European specialty cheeses in North America and that laid the foundation for what today forms Roth Käse USA.


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